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February 8, 2011 / Greater New Britain Chamber of Commerce

New Marketing Opportunity From the Chamber Made Easy

What is Groupon? Each day, Groupon features an unbeatable deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in your city. By promising businesses a minimum number of customers, they get discounts you won’t find anywhere else.

Why the New Britain Chamber of Commerce?

Free. We want to promote our members and continuously work to expand and improve our services for you. You only have to split proceeds with Groupon.

Ease. We put you directly in contact with a Groupon representative who wants to make your process as easy as possible, working to promote your offer ASAP.

More Marketing and Therefore, More Success! We promote member Groupons through mailings, email blasts, social media and our website to ensure more customers, especially to those who have not yet become part of Groupon’s growing subscriber list.

Start Your Groupon Process! Email Madison at

Why Groupon?

Groupon Delivers Motivated Consumers to you. Groupon delivers exactly what your business needs – a large group of consumers who are looking to spend. Customers are not looking for the “perfect deal” but for an excuse to enjoy something new!

Get Noticed. Your offer will be exclusively delivered to thousands of opt-in email subscribers, who look forward to receiving Groupon’s daily email. Groupon subscribers religiously read the entertaining descriptions of the featured businesses, delivering a promotion that is far more engaging than traditional advertising.

Online “Word of Mouth.” Your offer will spread virally across the Web as customers share it with friends using tools like Facebook and Twitter, further increasing your brand’s exposure.

Risk-Free Promotion. Unlike most other promotional vehicles, you pay nothing up front to appear on Groupon. Groupon is only successful if you are successful. Groupon collects all the money from participants up-front and within a few days they send you a check based on campaign participation. And the sale only happens if enough people join to make it worthwhile.

Education. Groupon works with you to structure an offer that will maximize the value to your business in a variety of categories. Groupon offers seminars, videos and newsletters to prepare you and your staff for the day of the offer, the large influx of customers, as well as tips for future marketing of your brand.

Proven Success. Merchant feedback shows that the average check size is 60% greater than the Groupon’s value, and that most participants are first-time customers. You see immediate results the day of your deal.

Ease: The process is easy for you. Groupon handles the write-up and sends your payment to you just a few days after your promotion. Your biggest task is to be ready for the influx of new customers and to deliver an experience that encourages them to revisit your business.

Start Your Groupon Process! Email Madison at


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