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October 19, 2011 / Greater New Britain Chamber of Commerce

Local Freemasons Revive Old Tradition in New Britain October 29, 2011


It’s not every day that a city builds a major public building ; in New Britain it has
been  many years.  In keeping with an age old tradition, the Freemasons of New Britain ‘s
Unity Lodge  # 148 are hosting   a  Special Event  in conjunction  with the construction of
the city’s new Police Station.
The lodge  and the city have invited the Freemasons’ Grand Lodge of Connecticut
to perform the ancient  tradition  of laying the cornerstone on Saturday, October 29, 2011
at  1  p.m. at the new building  located  at the corner of Main St. and Chestnut St.
 It will  take place  RAIN or SHINE.  This is a public ceremony and all are invited.
The Grand Lodge  officers perform a ceremonial inspection  of the foundation with
various stonemasons’ tool.  If  the  building is found to be of sound design for its
purpose   the ceremony  continues.  A blessing  asking  for strength to the building
and those  who will work  in it is offered. There  is also the placing of grain   (corn )
wine and oil offerings on or under the cornerstone.   These are symbolic of the
products of the people and means of their subsistence.
All  are invited to Witness this rare event ,  and  to join  with Unity Lodge #148
at a post event Reception at the Lodge’s building  at 10 Mason Drive, at the corner
of Corbin Avenue and Shuttlemeadow Ave.
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