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November 7, 2011 / Greater New Britain Chamber of Commerce

A Letter from the President

Dear Chamber members;

As the long week comes to an end, we wanted to report that the office has been up, running, humming and working with many, many members – and many of you -on storm/power-related business issues, since 8 a.m. on Monday morning.
Chamber-related staff, all of whom were without power through the week, were resilient and responsive and the office was a place where members could turn for information, help, a sympathetic ear or a sounding board to rant.
We worked with manufacturers who had orders in jeopardy. Guida’s which lost significant  product, professional offices which couldn’t (and still can’t) open, restaurants which needed to let people know they were open or who wanted a place to send food before it perished.
We worked with the mayor’s office  to get important tax deadline extension information to all of our members.
We also communicated with our entire membership about Chamber members who could help during and after the storm, such as electricians, builders, clean-up people, which restaurants were open during the first dark days, who had fuel, transportation services and even a member Laundromat who saw an immediate boost in business.
We even helped a couple of future Chamber  member businesses from Plainville resolve issues mid-week.
If you have any ideas or suggestions, we’ll be continuing to communicate with our members, so feel free to send them along.
Our goal was to be an assertively bright, reliable light in an otherwise dark week for businesses and organizations in New Britain. One of the most difficult weeks of the year was one of our busiest.
Very truly yours;
Bill Millerick, President
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