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April 10, 2012 / Greater New Britain Chamber of Commerce

The ULTIMATE sport comes to New Britain

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Friday, March 16, 2012 1:03 AM EDT
By Steve Morton
Staff Writer
New Britain Herald

NEW BRITAIN-Every day that passes the cold winds of winter wind down. And with that passing the season for baseball, tennis, golf and, yes, ultimate frisbee draws near.

If you haven’t yet been to an ultimate frisbee game, you are in luck. The Connecticut Constitution ultimate frisbee team plays eight home games a year at Arute Field in New Britain.

The squad is one of eight teams that make up the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL), a professional league. The Constitution plays against teams from Philadelphia, Buffalo, Providence, Columbus, Kentucky, Indianapolis and Detroit.

“It’s afternoon entertainment. I would compare it to that of bringing the family out to see the Rock Cats play,” general manager John Korber said. “We’re trying to produce a family-friendly kind of atmosphere that people can enjoy. It’s not going to compete with Yankee Stadium, but it’s affordable and for 50 bucks you can bring the whole family for some fun.”

Korber assured those who attend will no doubt enjoy the entertainment they receive for the price of the $6-8 tickets.

The team has halftime shows planned such as a “Connecticut versus New York” game and high school frisbee team faceoff. The team hopes to get the local cub scouts involved and has budgeted for souvenirs for its fans.

“If you’re really lucky you’ll get a disc from the game,” Korber said. “We plan to accidentally lose a few discs in the audience.”

Korber said souvenirs and concessions are a part of what to expect when you attend. Tailgating is also part of the deal with Arute Field, which seats 5,500.

“We’re hoping fans come out early and tailgate for an hour and watch the game and find it entertaining,” Korber said.

New Britain native Garrett Santi is also on the team’s roster. Santi, a CCSU student, currently plays frisbee for the Blue Devils.

Eric Rathburn, who graduated from Central in December and was a former captain of the CCSU track team, also plays for the Constitution.

Both play the deep cutter position.

“There will be some sort of event after most of our games,” vice president Rafe Steinhauer said. “Fans will be able to meet the players and get to know more about us and the sport, perhaps even pick up a tip or two to impress their friends.”

The AUDL is currently in the midst of expansion due to the interest and growth of the sport. The eight-team league will grow to 12 teams next year and perhaps even bigger the year after that.

“The league has been selling franchises in other cities,” Korber said. “Four more have been sold for next year. This is a very well established league. Most of the serious players play for a club team like our league.”

The team’s first home game is May 5. You can buy tickets at

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