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September 6, 2012 / Greater New Britain Chamber of Commerce

Concentra Medical Center now offering the flu vaccine!

Don’t let the flu BUG YOU!

Protect yourself this season.

There are plenty of myths regarding the flu vaccine. 

But what is true and what is false?  Here are a few facts to set you straight!

  • Flu vaccines are made of inactivated viruses, so you can NOT get the flu from a vaccine.
  • The flu doesn’t just occur in the winter months.  The flu is active ALL YEAR round.
  • Getting an influenza shot every year will boost your immune system.
  • The flu vaccine protects you from BOTH strains of flu, including H1N1.

Concentra Medical Centers wants to prevent YOU from catching the flu this season!  If you are interested in getting the flu vaccine at your local Concentra Medical Center, please contact Kyle Skene at 860.256.5295.

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