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Welcome to The Daily Chamber Review

Welcome to the Greater New Britain Chamber of Commerce blog spot! If you are interested in New Britain, Berlin, business and the unique and successful aspects that arise when these  are combined, you are in the right place!

In accordance with our mission to strengthen local business as well as attract new organizations,  this blog will provide yet another voice for you, our member, highlighting a wide variety of information about events, local businesses and people, tools,  tips and much, much more.

Increasing our visibility and better enabling you to stay connected, the Greater New Britain Chamber of Commerce, organizations, and community at large will become a stronger, more viable group for all to enjoy! We will be finding those wonderful and unique aspects of  both New Britain and Berlin that make each such a great place to live and conduct business.

Along with our many other articles, we will highlight a member in an interview. Perhaps the topic will be the organization itself and a service or its mission. Perhaps it will be that unique hobby that helps make person X so great at his or her job or it may have information on the event happening down the street you would never have otherwise known was taking place.

Whatever the focus – and those options are endless – member articles will give us the chance to explore those people and organizations that make the New Britain Chamber of Commerce a vibrant and diverse organization, a power to behold.

Be sure to lookout for even more information: notes from the president, Bill Millerick; guest writers, providing the tips and tools of business development and marketing; event highlights to help network yourself and your organization; and further information on membership benefits about which you may have forgotten!

Send topic ideas to as well as any guest writer requests. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and visit

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